Orient Consult Company was founded in 2010. For more than 5 years, we have gained the trust and respect of many companies, most of them working with us on an ongoing basis, trusting us to manage all the business issues related to China.

By 2015, Orient Consult works in 31 sectors of production and has fullfilled more than 185 projects, such as projects for Russian Army, Yoki Star Russia, ODA-EDA Food Festival, Russian Economic State University, MAKS international exposition, Surimi Complex, ODOPTU Sakhalin 1 and many others.

Our success is largely built on coordinated work of highly qualified specialists and true aspiration to support companies entering the Chinese market. We love what we do, we appreciate the confidence and always work with enthusiasm.

Providing a full range of services in China, we always put the priorities of the customer in the first place: the search for a truly reliable suppliers, control the production of and shipments, to assist in the optimization of deliveries from China, support for exports of goods to China, visiting exhibitions and factories, support in China, interpreter services in China.

One of our indisputable advantages is the constant presence of the managerial staff of the company, not only in China, which is a mandatory norm, but also in Russia. You can always meet with us in person, ask questions and get them clear and honest answers.

We are glad to cooperate in all areas of cooperation with China, quickly look at your suggestions and requests and will make every effort to ensure that you have become one company successfully developing in the sphere of business with China.

Yours faithfully,
General Director of Orient Consult

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